Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Do You Crave Salt?

If I am ever snack in the evenings, my water intake up to that point is always related!  I'm really good about drinking water in the mornings to afternoon.  But sometimes I slam on keeping it going throughout the evenings.  Then I start to get snack for salts……chips ( mainly tortilla type chips) and crackers.  Yesterday I made sure to keep the water going and I survived with no salty cravings!!!

Drink your WATER!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sweating for the Weekend

I drank some SuperHD for my pre-workout.  It raised your core temperature and gets you sweating AND on top of that I wore a sweatshirt and long pants during my workout.  I could ring sweat out of my sports bra…..sorry if that's gross!

I wore a sweatshirt during most my workouts this week and I'm hooked!  I made sure to drink Alpha Aminos during my workout to keep me hydrated since I'm sweating out so much water.  Lost 2 lbs. but drank them right back.

I'm in. You in?

Make a commitment to yourself or even better, meet a buddy (this way you are less likely to snooze) and you two get yourselves in a Saturday morning workout.  I PROMISE you will have a better weekend because of it.  


Friday, August 22, 2014

Fear of Becoming a Nascar Driver

FYI: she is performing a Deadlift in this exercise.  Great move for your back and mainly your glutes.

This statement could not be more true.  Most women fear the weights for the thought of it making them bulky, manly, big, thick etc…… but if we really compared actually becoming a Nascar Racer to a Bodybuilder it makes sense.  Driving your car down the street is not going to make you a Nascar driver.  You would never just be able to hop in a race car and take off and expect any sort of great placing.  I know I would probably crash and kill myself 7.2 seconds into it.  Same thing with lifting weights.  You aren't going get huge biceps the second your hands touches the weight. 

Ladies don't understand that the women they see that are manly/bulky have been lifting for years and years.  They also don't just lift weights.  They use certain methods of training and eating to get them to look that way.  They are TRYING to look that way.  Most of these women do this for a living.  It is their job and how they make their money!  I have been lifting for years and years….approximately 10 years.  I don't consider myself a bodybuilder nor do I feel I look manly.

With the right training and guidance you can definitely get yourself to look like a bodybuilder.  Just like if you wanted to pursue Nascar racing.  With the right training, guidance and practice you could be one.  We can be anything we put our mind to.  It just does not happen over night. EVER.  

I am going for a more lean and toned look.  So I lift weights and eat accordingly to give me that look.  I also am just fine driving my Chevy Tahoe at the speed limit and taking my kids to school, dance, art class, the movies, etc…. 

I promise when you lift weights you will not get manly.  To be honest with you, you are more likely to never get manly or bulky even if you tried.  It takes such a different lifestyle, approach in the gym and eating regimen to attain bodies like that.  TONS and TONS of discipline.  Just like if you wanted to be a Nascar driver.  It will probably never happen.  If it did you would have to make a total lifestyle change and practice practice practice to make it happen.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Fight everyday to get ahead on the path YOU are on.  

These are my Brooks running shoes which I LOVE to death and a very happy run in one of my favorite places…Flaming Gorge, Utah.  


Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My back to school haul came in the mail! My fast easy breakfast: WHEY protein shake (Mint Choc. Chip and S'mores) and it is my post workout meal number one. I add fruit and spinach to my shakes as well.  This allows me to sip on it or take it with me when doing the morning school rush.

NEON SPORT: VOLT pre-workout.  AMAZING stuff.  Has such a different feel than C4.  I really have been liking this pre-workout.   I find myself having more energy with no afternoon crash.  It lets me down softly!! This is not found on the Cellucor site but you can call in and order through Cellucor over the phone 866.927.9686 my discount still works.

Double the ALPHA AMINOS because I have to share this with my husband, he LOVES this stuff.  AMINOS keep me hydrated during my workouts which is why my husband prefers this drink over Gatorade...Same concept without all the sugars, carbs and other junk.  It also gives me endurance and aids in my muscles durning my workouts.

BCAAs because I don't like staying sore too long so I am ready for another workout the next day This also helps me when I train on a fasted state. I wake up early and would rather get more sleep than wake up to eat and let it digest. I wake too early as is.  I have always trained this way and never get nauseous training on empty.  I still get results when I train fasted.  Everyone is different and has their own methods and beliefs.

Feel free to ask questions, EMAIL: haleyfithappens@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On the UP and UP

This was a good read from Oxygen Magazine and I agree 100%  I had to read it 2x to let it sink in.  If I am ever running on a treadmill, I always have the incline set to at least 0.5% - 1.0% to seem more like outdoor running.  Otherwise the belt on the treadmill is doing most of the work and not you if you were to keep it flat.

Who would have thought walking at 2 MPH at a 2% incline will burn more calories from fat vs running at 6 MPH at 0% incline?!



Because who needs to sleep in on Monday morning?  (Yes, this post was meant for Monday;))
Start you week out on a happy note.  How do you get those happy feelings?? 


Endorphins make you happy.  Go break a sweat and tell me you don't feel happy!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rolling Hills

I had a nice slow and easy run out in Flaming Gorge, Utah.  It is one of my favorite runs.  It's very challenging  with all the rolling hills but there are many distractions along the way to make the hurt go away.  Along my run you can always be guaranteed to see rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and deer.  And the view is pretty awesome too! 


I'm vacationing with my family at our favorite place: Flaming Gorge, Utah.  I like to start each day with a sweat because at nights we rule at making s'mores!!!  I came prepared with workouts to try out.  I love making up workouts and doing them out in the garage/driveway out here.  Something about the fresh air and smell of sage that just makes it peaceful and worth it.



Here is your vacation workout that only need your body weight and a timer.  Go down the list doing each exercise for 60 seconds, then repeat the list doing each exercise for 45 seconds and then one last time through the list doing each exercise for 30 seconds.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today I went with the Full Body Workout called 'Stars and Stripes' that I posted on the 4th of July.  This workout can be a total butt kicker if you let it!  Get uncomfortable and don't just go through the motions.  Up your weights where you can because the reps are x10 and rest very little between exercises!

When you start getting pissed and wanting to swear you are doing it right ;)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I did most of my shoulder exercises sitting down which makes the exercises more difficult to do vs standing.  Moves like side/front raises and shoulder presses- when you do them standing, your legs are helping you lift the weight.  Try doing all your sets sitting on a chair or bench.  You will find that you can't lift as heavy as you do when you are sitting vs standing.  It's good to mix things up and keep our muscles guessing.  I did the same cardio as Monday.  


and that's all I have to say about that!  Sometimes life happens and you miss a regular day of exercise and that is perfectly Okay…..Life goes on.


All 12 flavors are back in stock!!!  The newest flavors don't last long, so hurry over to CELLUCOR and pick a flavor that is fitting for your taste buds.  

With school right around the corner the rush of the mornings with kiddos can be rough.  As mothers we need to make sure we are fueled and have the energy we need to do what moms do.  I find throwing some spinach, bananas and a Cellucor Whey protein powered in a blender is super fast and easy.  Plus you are getting in a nutritional breakfast on the go if needed.


Today was a good start to my week!  I needed it.  I have been LOVING this cardio workout.  However, I only did 2 rounds of it today.  Many others who follow my IG @haleya_fit_happens seem to be loving it too!  Lots have been reposting and sharing it!  Give it a try, it's doable and can always be done more on you level.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Make Water Boil

That ONE extra degree to get your water boiling can be getting in just one more rep.  Going through with that one workout you almost skipped.  That day you chose a healthy food choice over what the others were having that wasn't so healthy.  Going that extra minute during an intense cardio workout.  Lifting a 15lb dumbbell instead of your usual 12lb dumbbell.  Going a 1/2 mile further on your run.  Drinking an extra 8oz. of water at the end of your day……..I could go on!    

Separate yourself from the good and be great by doing what is needed and not what you want to do.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Lift something heavier than your purse!

The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy weights and use light weights with high repetitions to "tone" is complete false!

If you want to spend YEARS achieving what could have taken you a few months, then go right on ahead and never pick up more than a 5 lb. dumbbell.  If you want to build a tight, lean and strong body in a short amount of time then pick up the heavy dumbbells.  

I am positive that most every woman I have trained with at some point or another I have had to tell them to think about it……"your purse probably weighs more than that!" Pick up something heavier than your diaper bag, basket of laundry, grocery bag, hair dryer……etc.  You will not wake up the next morning looking like SHE-RA the Princess of Power!  It takes hard work to "tone."  If it were that easy to put on muscle then wouldn't everyone look amazingly in shape?!  Your everyday activities of carrying your purse, your kids, your school back pack, laundry, groceries blah blah you get the picture,  they do not tone you!  So pick up the heavy weights!!