Friday, August 22, 2014

Fear of Becoming a Nascar Driver

FYI: she is performing a Deadlift in this exercise.  Great move for your back and mainly your glutes.

This statement could not be more true.  Most women fear the weights for the thought of it making them bulky, manly, big, thick etc…… but if we really compared actually becoming a Nascar Racer to a Bodybuilder it makes sense.  Driving your car down the street is not going to make you a Nascar driver.  You would never just be able to hop in a race car and take off and expect any sort of great placing.  I know I would probably crash and kill myself 7.2 seconds into it.  Same thing with lifting weights.  You aren't going get huge biceps the second your hands touches the weight. 

Ladies don't understand that the women they see that are manly/bulky have been lifting for years and years.  They also don't just lift weights.  They use certain methods of training and eating to get them to look that way.  They are TRYING to look that way.  Most of these women do this for a living.  It is their job and how they make their money!  I have been lifting for years and years….approximately 10 years.  I don't consider myself a bodybuilder nor do I feel I look manly.

With the right training and guidance you can definitely get yourself to look like a bodybuilder.  Just like if you wanted to pursue Nascar racing.  With the right training, guidance and practice you could be one.  We can be anything we put our mind to.  It just does not happen over night. EVER.  

I am going for a more lean and toned look.  So I lift weights and eat accordingly to give me that look.  I also am just fine driving my Chevy Tahoe at the speed limit and taking my kids to school, dance, art class, the movies, etc…. 

I promise when you lift weights you will not get manly.  To be honest with you, you are more likely to never get manly or bulky even if you tried.  It takes such a different lifestyle, approach in the gym and eating regimen to attain bodies like that.  TONS and TONS of discipline.  Just like if you wanted to be a Nascar driver.  It will probably never happen.  If it did you would have to make a total lifestyle change and practice practice practice to make it happen.

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