Friday, August 1, 2014

Lift something heavier than your purse!

The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy weights and use light weights with high repetitions to "tone" is complete false!

If you want to spend YEARS achieving what could have taken you a few months, then go right on ahead and never pick up more than a 5 lb. dumbbell.  If you want to build a tight, lean and strong body in a short amount of time then pick up the heavy dumbbells.  

I am positive that most every woman I have trained with at some point or another I have had to tell them to think about it……"your purse probably weighs more than that!" Pick up something heavier than your diaper bag, basket of laundry, grocery bag, hair dryer……etc.  You will not wake up the next morning looking like SHE-RA the Princess of Power!  It takes hard work to "tone."  If it were that easy to put on muscle then wouldn't everyone look amazingly in shape?!  Your everyday activities of carrying your purse, your kids, your school back pack, laundry, groceries blah blah you get the picture,  they do not tone you!  So pick up the heavy weights!!

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