Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quick Fix

I see these 21 days or 30 days of this or that and I think to myself, "if only it were that easy!"  Whatever the 21/30 day gig might be can MAYBE be used as a tool to help you reach point B but it is definitely not the answer to your problem.

So many of these things are out there.  Don't believe it! Don't get down on yourself for not looking like a fitness model in 21 days.  If a change is something you want, be prepared to dig deep For. As. Long. As. It. Takes.

Quick Fixes WILL take you further away from your goals in the long run. So get off the "quick fix train" or you'll keep getting what you've been getting Temporary results that FADE leaving you worse off than they found you! #fithappens

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cardio Tip

I know some people despise cardio.  I actually have NEVER been a cardio hater and I believe this little tip of advice is why….

I change something every time I do cardio.  If that means machines, intensity, time, mileage etc., I am huge on Interval training… or HIIT style training.  Go HARD for 30 seconds to a minute then allow time for your heart to recover.  You can do that on anything in the gym.  Just add speed, incline, resistance etc.  Even if you're an outdoor runner.  Time yourself to pick up the pace for 'X' amount of minutes then allow some recovery time.

Doing this I am never bored.  It's always new, fun and challenging in a new way.  That's why I am that crazy girl who says, 'I LOVE CARDIO'.

Make this small change and it alone will boost your metabolism back into gear. 

Monday, September 26, 2016


Good Morning To You All.

Monday Morning Wake Up.  When I plan these MMWU workouts I try to have some sort of pattern so they are easy to remember.

This one has 50 reps of a cardio boosting exercise.  Followed up by a 30 second plank to let your heart rate come back down.  Then you get to work with 25 reps of an exercise to work your muscles.  And another 30 second plank to let your heart rate come back down.  Repeat.

So there you go, - 50 - 30 -25 -30 and repeat.  Do this for as many rounds as needed.  Shoot for 3x through.  Hold that final plank for an extra minute to make this workout give you 10 minutes worth of planking.  #fithappens #mondaymorning #mondaymotivation 

Friday, September 23, 2016

how many reps?

There is no "perfect" rep range.  Progress can happen with multiple workouts/phases.  It all depends on your goals.

Every rep range serves a purpose.  So don't always be stuck on 8-10, 12-15 or 5x5, or one specific rep range you feel is "perfect."  No matter how perfect you think it is, give it a rest from time to time.  Whether its perfect because it gives you endurance, muscle gains or strength….it's good to break away every now and then.

How about trying higher reps after a long stretch ( weeks ) of low/heavy reps.  OR- dropping reps and really trying to challenge yourself in that 5-8 rep range with heavier stuff if you've been hitting the high reps.

You never know if you never venture out from that "perfect" routine.  Maybe after a long phase of high reps/circuits going  BEASTMODE ( lol, pick up some HEAVY stuff ) could be exactly what you need to kick that stalled progress back in gear.

Add Variation to your routine more often!  #fithappens

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

workout wednesday

WOOT WOOT…… HUMP DAY!  So let's call it Workout Wednesday.

The exercises in RED are there to give you a little cardio burst.  The exercises in BLUE are there for you to slow it on down and focus on some muscles. #HIIT style training.

Repeat the list at least THREE TIMES!

Just something about 150 walking lunges sounds good on a Wednesday! You'll be back on your feet in time for the weekend, LOL! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Morning Wake Up: MMWU

MONDAY MORNING WAKE UP:  well shoot, it's been a while since we have done a MMWU.

This is the '10-20-30' Circuit Workout.  Do each circuit 3x.  You really can do this anywhere.  Body weight or add some weights.  It's all there for what your body needs.  I have videos of all the exercises  ( hashtag> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS )   Happy to tag you. 

Happy Monday. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

PROGRESS…. you're not there!

PROGRESS:  even if sometimes you feel your progress has gone backwards.  Like myself for example, (my Vitamix has dust on it, if that tells you anything).  But I'm still going.  Blessed to be where I am in LIFE.

LIFE happens.  When it's your turn you just have to take it as it comes.  Life has been happening over here on my end all year.  On top of it, I am at the tail end of remodeling and adding on to a home, #sostressful Can't wait to be cooking me some protein pancakes in my beautiful new kitchen.  So soon!!!!  and my fridge is AMAZING….. can't wait to use it and get me back on track.

Anyway, thanks for sticking by me. Hang with me.  You'll be glad you did.  I'm coming for ya!  I'm thinking a new 4 week challenge sounds good?!? Keeping FIT through the Holidays.  Did I just say h.o.l.i.d.ay.s. ? Goodness it's all coming.  

Anyway, back to your Sunday. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Legs and Glutes with DBs

Legs and Glutes: 
Dumbell Workout

Do the 2 exercises back to back with little to no rest ( that's called a "superset" ).  Then rest a minute.  Then repeat it 1 more time.  Move on to the next superset.

When you're done and if you have time, hop on a treadmill.  Hit 10%+ on the incline and walk it out for 10 mins. NO holding on.  Adds a little more fire to the buns....... . #fithappens

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Single Leg Focused Day

Well I'm standing….. kidding, it's really not that bad.  But definitely feeling it.  Doing exercises on the machines one leg at a time, in between single leg stuff using free weights is a good time!  So here ya go:

Single Leg Lying Hamstring Curl

DB Step Ups

Single Leg Leg Press

DB Lateral Lunges

Single Leg Leg Extensions

DB Single Leg Stiff Dead Lifts

3 Rounds.  Reps are by 15….. EACH LEG.  I started at 15 reps but took it down to 10-12 when it got tough.

Yes you will have to lighten up the weight on the machines because you're only using one leg at a time.  Good Luck!!!