Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quick Fix

I see these 21 days or 30 days of this or that and I think to myself, "if only it were that easy!"  Whatever the 21/30 day gig might be can MAYBE be used as a tool to help you reach point B but it is definitely not the answer to your problem.

So many of these things are out there.  Don't believe it! Don't get down on yourself for not looking like a fitness model in 21 days.  If a change is something you want, be prepared to dig deep For. As. Long. As. It. Takes.

Quick Fixes WILL take you further away from your goals in the long run. So get off the "quick fix train" or you'll keep getting what you've been getting Temporary results that FADE leaving you worse off than they found you! #fithappens

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