Friday, October 31, 2014



I hope you all ENJOY your Halloween and are safe out there!

In case anyone was wondering, I use the Rhonna Designs App to make most of my posts.  Cute posts like this one and all my workouts are used with her app.  It is super easy to use and has many many options.  She is always adding new sticker packs to go with most anything.   SUPER cute stuff. 
 Look it up in the app store.  

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Here is the SPOOKY HALLOWEEN CIRCUIT to start your HALLOWEEN off tomorrow!  Just how we like it…….you will be sweaty and ready for Tricks and Treats but most importantly, you will feel AMAZING when you complete this thing. 

At home or at the gym set yourself up a little corner with a variety of weights to use.  Obviously on leg exercises you should use more weight vs some upper body exercises.  CHALLENGE yourself on those weights.

Go straight down the list.  You can rest 15 seconds after each exercise if needed or just keep cruising.  I just kept on cruising and rested when needed.  Try to complete the workout at least twice!  Go for a third round if you have the time…..even if you have to cut the reps to 10-12 on the last round do it!  


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tricep Exercises

You all know a Tricep Kickback and mostly they are done with dumbbells.  I like kickbacks with dumbbells but I also like to throw this style of kickbacks in the mix from time to time.

Cable Tricep Kickbacks:

Your form is that of the same of DB Tricep Kickbacks.  Grab a D-Handle or I just like to use the rubber ball that is attached to the cable machines already.  Keep your elbow next to your side and extend from the elbow back.  The cable allows continuous tension in your tricep throughout the entire move.

Cable Overhead Tricep Extensions:

Attach a rope handle to the high pulley of the cable machine.  With your back to the machine grab the rope and get your feet positioned in a staggered stance, one foot in front of the other.  Bend over a little with your head down keeping your arms near your head, extend from the elbows straight out.  If you can separate the rope even a tiny bit when you are fully extended it gives you a little more burn. 

Shoulder Exercises


Cable Front Raise is a great exercise for your front delts.  Using a straight bar attach it to the pulley at a low setting.  Standing with your back against the machine with the rope between your legs, grab the bar  palms facing down.  Keeping your arms straight, raise the bar up until you reach about shoulder height.

Jump right into a round of Car Drivers following any shoulder exercise for a real good shoulder burn.

Grab a weight plate, palms facing each other at 3 and 9 o'clock as if you were holding a steering wheel of a car.  I am holding a 10 lb plate in the video. Raise your arms straight out in front of you.  I like to use the hole of the plate for my eyes to look through.  Just turn the "wheel" as far to one side and repeat on the other side.  Go until you are burning.  When you are burning, make yourself go for a few more.  


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ring of Workouts

My 'what's in my gym bag' post had a few followers wanting more info on this RING OF WORKOUTS that I have.  This idea was my sisters and it is too fabulous not to share!!!  The best thing that ever happened to my Saturday Cardio Sessions.

WHY I have this???  I lift weights 4-5 days a week.  On Saturday I like to give the weights a rest and  devote it to cardio, get my muscles moving and loosen things up.  The ring is especially nice following my Friday Leg day because it allows me to choose a workout that I think I can handle based off how my body is feeling.  The Ring of Workouts have routines varying between 15-60 mins.  Some are all walking, all running, a mix of both walking and running, some play around with the inclines and speeds, some HIIT and some more of a steady pace.  I have to have these kinds of workouts if I am going to be on a treadmill.  I do not like to just set a pace and run……………bore me to death!  

This is a bunch of random treadmill routines pinned on Pinterest.  I included my iPhone 6 in the photo to give you an idea how big these are.  Search 'treadmill workouts' on Pinterest (you may even come across workouts that I have made and pinned) find ones that appeal to you, get to the source and print it off.  Cut them out.  Once you have done that, take them to a copy store and fit as many as you can (like a puzzle) on a laminate sheet and laminate.  Then cut them out. Hole punch a hole in the corner of the workout.  Get yourself a hinged key ring (some copy stores sell them right there) the hinged ring makes it easy to take a workout off to place somewhere on the treadmill and hook back on when you are done.  That's it.  Best thing EVER!!    

Monday, October 27, 2014

Make this happen!

On Thursday, I will be posting a SPOOKY FULL BODY + CARDIO WORKOUT for you to try on Friday to start your HALLOWEEN off on the right foot.  We all know we could probably use a good sweaty workout to start our CANDY Holiday Weekend.

The workout is a Full Body Lifting Circuit which you will only need a variety of Dumbbells to do and that's it (can be done at home too).  Cardio is thrown in throughout the workout.  It will take you about 1 hour- give or take to complete.

So, if you need to take a day off from the weights on Thursday so you feel fresh then do.  We will be hitting every muscle during Friday's Halloween Circuit Workout.  I have tested the workout out for you already and it's a keeper……… BEWARE! ;)      

100 Floor Challenge

Have you heard about the #100floorchallenge on Instagram?

I guess the goal is to get on the Stair master/ Step Mill (the cardio machine with the revolving staircase)….. you know the toughest cardio machine in the gym.  Get on that thing and climb up 100 floors in under 20 minutes.  I hit my 100 floor mark around 15 minutes but I kept going for the full 20 minutes because I had planned on doing the stairs for 20 mins anyway.  I had my level on 100.  Give it a try!  

 Be sure to plan for a full body workout in your lifting plans this week for Friday HALLOWEEN that I will be posting on Thursday!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sweaty Saturday with Fasted Cardio

I love my Saturday morning cardio to get things moving and loosen up my muscles.  
FASTED CARDIO is such a debated topic that I will talk about later.  I usually do 1 hour on various machines or pick a workout off my 'Ring of Workouts'

This is my sweaty selfie post workout in which I totally felt like this wet cat.  I don't mess around when I am at the gym.  I am not there to keep my hair in tact.  I don't worry about sweat dripping everywhere or worry about what people think.  I DO NOT look pretty when I leave that place.  I really believe I am  addicted to sweat.  Call me a SWEAT JUNKIE!

Too funny!!  

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lower Body…..GLUTES

Okay……You should now know how to perform each of these exercises in this lower body workout because I posted videos of all the moves this week (sorry for the post overload).  The video of 'FIREWALKS' can be found a few posts back in the hashtag search:    



I did this exact workout last Friday and it left my glutes sore in the dead center of each cheek. YAY!!!  I'm not going to guarantee you that you will have a sore butt, but I think it's worth a shot right?

I did the first two exercises together like a Superset and then did a round of Firewalks.  Then repeated the first two exercises 2 more times (don't forget the firewalks after each superset too).  I then went on to the last two exercises- Sumo Squats & Reverse Lunges and did them the same way.  Superset the two exercises followed by fire walks and repeat 2 more times. You can go straight down the list if you want and repeat it 2 more times.  I'm just sharing the way I did this workout and it left no area other than my butt/outer thigh super sore.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

BB Side Lunge to Step Ups

First off,  I would like to point out that it is exercises like this one that we ladies must make sure our pants are "squat approved" by doing the bend over check in the dressing room before purchasing ;)

BB Side Lunge to Step Up:

Grab yourself a BB (barbell) weighted or not.  In this video I am using a 40 pound BB.  Pick one leg to start out on and stay on that leg for all 10 reps before switching to the other leg.

Take a big step to your side and lunge toward the floor.  Making sure your lunging leg does not let that knee pass the toes while keeping your other let relatively straight.  Then push off with your lunging foot back to where you started.  Then go right into a bench step up with the lunging leg and you can throw in a 'knee up' at the top of the bench for a little extra core work.

Watch on Instagram:

BB Reverse Lunge with 3 Pulses

BB Reverse Lunges with 3 Pulses:

Get yourself a barbell (barbell) weighted or not.  In the video I am using a 60 pound BB.  Get the bar up on your back and begin with feet about shoulder width apart.

Take a large step back.  You want your front leg to be parallel to the floor and front knee at 90 degrees and behind the front toes.  If you feel like you are falling forward better check to make sure your front knee is not going past the front toes.  Take a larger step back behind you if needed. The leg behind you should also be at 90 degrees with your knee pointing toward the floor.  When you are down in the lunge position pulse there for 3 pulses.  Return to standing by pressing the heel of your front foot into the floor and bringing your back leg forward to starting position.

Watch on Instagram:

Mind Over Matter

This quote couldn't be more true….. especially after this mornings workout.  My workouts this week have been tough and this morning I felt tired and sluggish.  Basically my mind won :(  I know I have endured tougher workouts and harder weeks before so I don't know what my deal was.

It's ok to have an offish day right?!

Will try again tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DB Sumo Squat

DB Sumo Squat:  Pretty simple exercise but very awesome for the Glutes…..Challenge yourself on the weight of your dumbbell.  And go below parallel if you can on your squat.

I used two plates (25 lb plates are the thickest) to allow myself to go a little deeper in my squat.  Grab yourself 1 heavy dumbbell.  I am holding a 60 pound DB in the video.  Place your feet on the plates wider than shoulders width apart (the wide stance is why it is called 'Sumo') and toes pointed out.

Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor or go slightly deeper if you can.  Doing your best to keep your back straight….don't lean forward and keep your chest out and abs tight.  As you stand back up focus on keeping all your weight in your heels!  Push in your heels and try to focus the whole movement when standing up in the glutes and squeeze your glutes and inner thighs at the top. 

What's in my Gym Bag...

- Gym Bag: I got this one at TJ Maxx. It has lots of pockets…… I love lots of pockets for all my stuff

- Resistance Bands:  No I don't use them every workout, but they are nice to have in handy when you feel like doing a round of Fire Walks.  Such a good booty burn!  I got them at Target.

- The Stick: When I give myself time after a workout to stretch THE STICK is awesome for a quick rub down.  Helps get rid of knots and soreness in the muscles.  I got it at a running store.

- Yoga Hand Towels: I do prefer the YOGA ones.  The polyester and nylon material dries in half the time of ordinary towels.  I use them during cardio to wipe off my face and keep sweat from dripping in my eyes.  AND, when I save time at the end of my workouts for the dry sauna having something to wipe you off with in there and when you are done is nice.  I got them at Target.

- Ring of Workouts: I keep a ring of laminated workouts in my bag and use every now and then when I am looking for a cardio workout.  I usually use these on Saturday (my cardio day). It's nice to have lots of different variations of cardio routines to choose from based off how I am feeling.  I do not like to hop on a treadmill and just run.  I have to mix up speeds/inclines etc...  I got the workouts off Pinterest.

- Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor:  I like to know where my heart rate stands but mostly I like to keep an eye on my calorie burn during my workouts.  It helps me to know if I need to kick it up a notch.  I got mine off Amazon.

- Jump Rope:  Just something awesome to have handy.  Jump roping is so good for you.  I don't use it every workout but It's great to have when I feel like throwing in some Active Rest between lift sets.  I got it at Target.

- Ban Refresh Body Cloths:  These are nice when I am driving home from the gym.  To be able to wipe off your neck and face from dried up salt and sweat is very refreshing.  I get these at Target.

- iPod:  Do I even need to explain myself on this one??  and I have back up ear buds in case I lose one.

- 32 oz. Water Bottle:  This is a Contigo Autoseal.  I like these kind of bottles because you just press to sip.  They are super convenient for me when I am out of breath.  There is nothing worse than being out of breath and having to suck your water down!!  Just open your mouth, pour it in and still breathe.  You can find these in 24 oz. bottles at most stores.  I get the 32 oz. Contigo Autoseal off Amazon.

-Alpha Amino:  These are made by Cellucor.  I always drink them in my water bottle during my workouts.  They quench my thirst, keep me hydrated, give me endurance and help my muscles recover.  Great supplement for anyone.  No stimulants!  I get them from and with my code: HALEYA you can get 25% off and Free Shipping.

Since I get to go home after my workouts, my list stops there….. no need for protein shakes, change of clothes, dry shampoo etc…...    

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Curtsy Lunge to Side Step Up

Curtsy Lunge to Side Step up:

First off, CURTSY lunges/squats are one of the BEST exercises for the Glutes.  For this one you will need 1 DB (dumbbell).  In this video I am holding a 20 pound DB.  Pick one side to start out on and stay on that leg for all 10 reps before switching sides.

Holding the DB in the hand opposite of the bench and feet shoulder width apart, take a big step back crossing it behind your other leg as if you are about to do a 'curtsy.''  As you lunge/squat, you want your front thigh parallel to the floor and both knees are bent at 90 degrees.  As you push yourself back up, step right up onto the bench for a side step up….working that outer thigh.  And if you want, throw in a 'knee up' on top of the bench for a little extra core work.

My favorite muscle group to train

SHOULDERS my favorite area of the body to train.  Shoulders should be high on your list of areas to sculpt.  Having well developed shoulders will make your whole body look more balanced, more feminine and create an illusion of a smaller waist and smaller hips.  Shock your shoulders into growth this Fall/Winter/Spring so you can rock that new swimsuit next Summer or tank in the gym.

Our shoulders are made up of 3 muscles.  So it's important that you hit the front, side and rear delts.  You want rounded looking shoulders.  If you want to focus on mass and size then use heavier weight with low reps.  If your goal is definition, muscle separation and technique- especially  if you are still trying to get the hang of things go for lighter weight with higher reps.

I usually stick with these basic exercises that I LOVE and most exercises are done with Dumbbells:

- Seated Lateral raises
- Seated Front raises
- Seated shoulder press
( doing exercises seated puts all the work in the muscle being targeted.  Standing allows our legs to give us some help.  Sometimes I stand and sometimes I sit.  Just mix it up).
- Incline reverse flyes
- Rear Delt Cable Pulls
- Upright Rows
- Mountain Climbers
- Jump Rope

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014


It's why I do what I do.  I blast my LOVE of fitness, which is a small part of who I am on this Blog and my INSTAGRAM acct hoping to inform and inspire another person in health.  I have my clothes laid out and I am ready for Monday to be here- this is something I do every night, it motivates me!!

Show your body and self some love this week, and do something that you will be happy with in days to come. 

Friday, October 17, 2014


These are the ACTIVE RESTS sets that went along with PUSH circuit that I posted this morning.  I LOVE to get the heart rate up in between lifting exercises.  I'm all about multitasking at the gym.  Kill two birds with one stone…...Shape the body and burn calories at the same time. The PUSH workout took about 45 minutes and I burned around 550 calories give or take.

(in this order in the video)
-mountain climbers
-quick toe taps on the bench
-lunge jumps
-squat jumps
-jumping jacks
-plank jacks

The workout calls for one 30 second active rest set after every 2 lifting exercises.

TOTAL time spent doing Cardio/Active Rest was:
9 MINUTES.  I'll take 9 minutes of cardio over 45 minutes any day.  I'm going to burn the same amount of calories doing either way but only one way is shaping my body!



Push Circuit Workout

Here is the PUSH Circuit Workout.

DO THIS!!! I promise this workout will leave you feeling pretty awesome about yourself.

All you need is Dumbbells and a timer.  So this can be done at home too.

Do the Shoulder Circuit, then the Tricep circuit and then the Chest circuit.

REPEAT the thing 2 more times.  This workout is killer if you get after it!  Loved it, a new favorite!


Thursday, October 16, 2014


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY to almost 6 years ago.  In the picture on the right, I was a few months along with my second babe and all things fitness were not on my priority list.  I am someone who has to work damn hard at their body.  Staying lean and fit does not just come naturally to me.  Being CONSISTENT and having PATIENCE with a fitness lifestyle is the key to this thing!!!

I chose to compare my #TBT to the most recent picture of myself flexing post workout…..some might say, "Ew, that's too manly/bulky for me!" So I thought I would compare that Flex picture with a non-flexed picture to show you the difference.  AND GUESS WHAT? These two photos were taken in the same week of each other.

This throwback Thursday is for the ladies out there who only save time for cardio and are still on the fence about picking up some weights.  Weight training is where it's at!  Make healthy food choices.  Lift Weights.  Lift Heavy Weights.  Be Consistent about Weights.  Be Patient and let those muscles take up all the room!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Lifting weights WILL NOT make you bulky!  Not staying active while eating too many Cookies, Brownies and too many Nachos will……..  #fithappens #proof  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barbell Hip Thrusts and Walking Lunges

Barbell Glute Bridge/Hip Thrusts/ Hump the Air ;)  whatever you wanna call them.  All I know is they get the booty burning!!!  These can also be done with you back on a bench and also with weight plates stacked on your lap.  Sit on a exercise ball with a barbell across your lap….I think this one was 60 lbs.  Roll yourself out until your butt almost touches the ground.  Then thrust up and down trying to touch your butt to the floor each time you go down.  Squeeze your glutes at the top each time.  For me, 20 reps of this sets my buns on fire.  Do for 3-4 rounds.

Walking Lunges with weight over head.  I am holding a 35 lb plate.  You can start with 25 lbs or less if needed.  Especially for your first few tries at this.  It looks easy but it's not.  Take a big step forward, don't let the front knee go past your front toe.  If you feel your knee is always passing the toe then your front step is not big enough.  Keep your shoulders back and chest out.  I do a total of 20 steps.  So each leg gets 10 reps.  

Push Play @haleya_fit_happens on INSTAGRAM 

Step ups to a Reverse Lunge

Step ups to a reverse lunge.  @sfloyd22 and I are holding 15 lb. Dumbbells.  Step up onto the bench driving your knee up when you get on top for a little added core work.  Then step off the bench into a reverse lunge.  Make sure you take a big enough step back that your front knee isn't going over your front toe when you are down in the lunge position.  Do all reps, 10-15 on one leg before switching to the other leg.

Push Play @haleya_fit_happens on INSTAGRAM

PULL Circuit Workout

Here is a PULL circuit workout based off the information I gave you on yesterday's post.  Do the Bicep circuit and then the Back circuit, then repeat 2 more times.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weight Training 101

The easiest way to understand muscle movements is by the motion you must make to target and work that particular muscle or muscle group.  All weight lifting movements/motions are either called "PULL" or "PUSH" movements. "Pull" muscles contract as weight is pulled toward your body.  "Push" muscles contact as weight is pushed away from the body.

It is always smart to work the "pull" muscles on the same day and the "push" muscles on the same day because some movements complement one another.  For example: a bent over row will also use help from the bicep to perform the pull movement.  And a bench press will use help from the shoulders and triceps for the push movement.

These are your "PUSH" muscles:

These are your "PULL" muscles:

An example of a 4 to 5 day workout plan that allows for adequate body part rest:

Day 1: Back and Biceps (pull and pull)
Day 2: Lower-Body, quad focus, calves (lower body)
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (push, push and push)
Day 5: Lower-Body, Hamstring focus (lower body)
Day 6: Abs (or you can always do abs on another day and have this day for cardio/rest)
Day 7: Rest

Hope this helps!!

Monday, October 13, 2014


Target your back and shoulders/rear delts with these "Face Pulls/Rear Delt Cable Pulls" whatever you want to call them.  Stagger your feet, I find this helps me keep my balance a little better and pull the rope attachment towards your face/chin.  It's almost like you are trying to get your shoulder blades to touch on this one.  3-4 times for 12-15 reps.

The second move is almost like a seated cable row but you are standing.  Place your foot on the bench to help you pull the weight down. Keep your foot there during the exercise for some leverage and to keep you from getting pulled up when the weight is released.  3-4 times for 12-15 reps.


Mint Chocolate Chip

I have never been a Mint Chocolate Chip person.  Ever.  Like cookies, ice cream etc…. just was never my thing.  But this is something else!  This flavor of Cellucor Whey is delicious in a shake!  Honestly, so so good.  This flavor and Cinnamon Swirl are my top two choices.

Get you some to try on  and my code: HALEYA will get you 25% off and signing in will ship it for FREE!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Take this Quiz!

Take Responsibility For Your Own Physical Well-Being

From the LDS Conference last weekend, Jorg Klebingat stated in his talk- "Take responsibility for your own physical well-being.  Your soul consists of your body and your spirit feeds the soul.  While neglecting the body- which is a temple, usually leads to spiritual dissidence and lowered self esteem.  If you're out of shape, if you're uncomfortable in your own body, and you can do something about it then do it."

Those words were speaking my language!

Fit Girl Problem #40

But it is so worth it.  I'm hoping that when I am 90 years old I feel 25!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Commit to the Habit you want to Create

Exercising consistently is how you build up your cardiovascular system and how you gradually get your muscles to grow.  CONSISTENCY is what gets you results!  In the case of exercise, working out at least 4 days a week is about what it takes to get you seeing some results.  Not 4 days this week and skipping next week, then only 1-2 days the following week and then skipping 2 weeks.  IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! If you want to create a habit out of working out, then you NEED to be CONSISTENT!

It seems like I hardly skip a workout right?  How do I stay so motivated and consistent?

- I have found an exercise routine that I LOVE, so I am having fun!  It doesn't feel like a chore. I look forward to getting my sweat on.  I have found what is fun for ME!

- My workouts are never the same.  I am constantly changing up my lifts and cardio.

- Get yourself a workout buddy.  I can still manage a workout on my own.  Sometimes it is just what I need.  Although I will say, having a workout buddy is great. Especially if you are a morning workout goer.  This has saved me more than once from pushing that snooze button.  Working out with someone always feels like a fun social outing and the perfect way to mentally push yourself.

- Workouts for me are scheduled in the mornings.  Nothing is popping up at 6AM so therefore I rarely miss a workout.  No excuses get in my way that early in the morning.  This is my number one tip!!!  Early mornings workout are THE BEST way to go.  I promise it will change your life.  BUT- there is no wrong time or right time to workout.  What's important is that you get it done!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dumbbell Squat to Deadlift

Lots of Lower Body action going on here.  Hitting your Glutes, Quads and Hamstrings on this one!  

Get yourself a set of Dumbbells.  I used 35 pounds here (use what works for you).  I do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps.

With DBs at your side, squat down low, keeping your knees behind your toes and weight always in your heels.  Stand up.

The DBs then go to the front of your body and do a straight leg deadlift.  On the deadlift, stick your butt back, keep your back straight, shoulders back and chest up.  Don't let your back arch/round.  Focus on feeling it in your hamstrings (back of legs) for the deadlift.  #fithappensworkouts #fithappens



Jalapeños came out of no where and started rocking my world for about a year now!  My ULTIMATE favorite 'Cheat Meal' is loaded nachos with Jalapeños.  I usually have 2 string cheeses at some point in my day for a snack and I only use Sargento Lite string cheese and now these….YUM!

I like 'Lite' string cheese versus regular because they are not so moist, they are drier….more squeaky if that makes sense?!  These are DELICIOUS!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm posting this to say, obviously I let "fitness" go out the window when I became pregnant and I would be lying if I wasn't embarrassed about doing so and worried to death how I was going to shake off the 65+ pounds I gained each pregnancy but the MAIN reason is to say that many many Tuesdays have passed between each of these photos……almost 5 years worth of Tuesdays, over 200 Tuesdays!  My point is, is that we should never just reach a point in our life and say, "ok, this is it, this is the transformation I wanted to make and where I am going to stop"  If you are at all into fitness you know it can always get better and better and that it is a CONSTANT battle being fought with yourself day in and day out!  I battle with myself Every. Single. Day!  I have looked better than I do right now but I have also looked worse!  It is MY choice what I want to happen between this Tuesday and next Tuesday!  It is that simple.  It's all about making one healthy choice after another.

 I am trying to find a picture of myself I took when I got out of College: 22 years young, heaviest I have ever been (besides weighing 212 lbs on delivery day), pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-addiction to fitness…..It is a beauty ;)  I decided to do something about it and not just accept that it was who I am because it wasn't.  I know me!  And here I am 10 years later still going after it and addicted to health and fitness.  I get to choose every day if I want to remain the same, look worse or look better than I ever have.  I'm not just going to stop here.  Never give up on what could be and never settle for what is in the moment.  ALWAYS expect more out of yourself because YOU and your HAPPINESS are WORTH IT!  

Trek Mix from Costco

I came across this Trek Mix on a recent trip to Costco.  I like this kind of stuff for A- grab a handful when you just need a little something and B- to give my Greek yogurt a little crunch and add some sweetness to it. 

Yes it has a lot of other ingredients and what not but basically out of this one you get:

*Chocolate Chips
*Chia Cinnamon Granola Clusters
*Roasted Salted Cashews
*Pumpkin Seeds

Trek/Trail mix can be a wonderful tool, when used correctly.  It's fast, it's tasty and yes trail mix can be good for you too.  You can just grab and go with a handful of mix.  It's satisfying for growling tummies and gives great energy.  You can also make trail mix pretty easy and get as healthy and picky as you want.  Most trail mixes out there contain some sort of nut, and nuts are good for you.  They have healthy fats, usually high in fiber and vitamins and minerals.  

What are other ways you use trail/trek mix for?

Monday, October 6, 2014

38 WEEKS!!!

I'm so excited for this girl!!!

First of all she had planned to hike this "Y" mountain every weekend until she reached 30 weeks…..and here we are yesterday at 38 weeks, how cool is that?!  I'm so proud of her.  I especially can't wait until I have my lifting buddy back.  Fun things to come with us so be sure to be following her @chelseas_fitness

What Size Do You Wear?

It's Monday and I'm so happy to be back in those leggings!  I will admit it, those VS 'PINK' Ultimate Leggings OWN me!  BEST workout pants I have ever tried out.  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reverse Lunges on a Smith Machine

Reverse Lunges on the Smith Machine.  The move itself really is not complicated but I tell you what, nothing gets my heart rate up there like this exercise does.  I feel like I am so out of shape after I get done with this one.  But it is a favorite!

Load up your bar with weight plates.  Depending on how I want to feel the next day I use between 25-35 lbs on each side.  I usually do reps of 10-12 on each leg.  Don't let that front knee go past your front toe when you are down in a lunge.  If it is, you need to walk your front leg out there a little bit more.   This helps protect your knee from injury.

The jumps on the bench is an "active rest" exercise.  One of many things I like to do after an exercise that wasn't so breath taking.  Just a chance to shock the body and get your heart rate up.


Plie Squat with a Plie Squat Jump

Here is another "nothing really to it" exercise.  It just gets the burn burning in all the right places!  It is such a good overall exercise for the lower body and the other PLUS, is that it gets the heart rate up for some cardio and extra calorie burning.

All you do for this one- grab yourself one heavy dumbbell.  At LEAST 30+ Don't be scared to challenge yourself on this one……45, 50, 60+ ( I know some of your kids weigh more than this and you pick them up and some of you probably have some heavy freaking purses, I just know it ;)

Get in a Plie stance: legs wide apart and toes pointed out so you are ready to do a Plie squat.  Grab hold of the DB, squat down, stand up, squat down and let the DB go and then jump up for Plie squat jump.  Then repeat.  All one continuous motion over and over.  Let it burn and when it's burning make yourself do 5 more! Get uncomfortable, that's when the magic happens!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Saturday Morning Get Your Body Moving Workout

Here's Your Sign……. ;)

The Best Way to Start a FRIDAY!!!

The best way to start a Friday.  An early morning lower body workout…..a good one at that!

Let the Weekend begin.  New movies are out, Saturday morning workout while giving the weights a rest, watching my nephew play football, spending time with family and just relaxing! 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Burn Booty Burn #fithappensworkouts

Ok ladies, there is really nothing to this exercise!  This is targeting the lower body.  Mainly those Glutes.

**Get a rope attachment and hook it to the cable machine about half way down.  Stick the pin in the weight stack at 100+ pounds -OR less if you need too, but I promise you can!  Grab onto the rope and walk yourself back keeping your weight in your heels, arms straight out in front of you and lean slightly back (this is key to not falling forward)….resist yourself against the weight to keep you back there.

Squat down as low as you can staying in your heels, slightly leaning back (so you don't fall forward) and keeping your arms straight in front of you the entire exercise.  When you stand, up be sure to squeeze that butt, keeping your weight in your heels and lean back.  That's it!

You can really do a lot of these for reps, since it is almost like a body weight squat.  You decide when you have had enough of that burn. #fithappensworkouts #fithappens


I want to post for ideas, sharing and caring. The video exercises I post, may be something you already do in a workout.  It may be simple and no biggie to you or it could be more of a challenge.  Hopefully the exercise might be something totally new to you that you can use to spice things up a bit.  In the fitness world, spicing things up with change is always a good thing.  

Yes, you will see the video post in your IG feed already if you are a follower of @haleya_fit_happens  The purpose of using this specific hashtag is so you do not have to go through my feed to find a video workout you would like to try one day.  Just search the #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS hashtag and they will all be right there.

AND- please don't hesitate to ask on any past or present workout post for video requests of a certain exercise.  Maybe you don't know what a Bulgarian Split Squat is?  or you would like to see how I do a Curtsy Squat/Lunge.  Or what my favorite tricep exercise looks like…


A Girl Can Be……..

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shoulders & Bicep 21's Workout

Here is how you do a set of 21s:

Grab a weighted barbell: doing a regular bicep curl-

1- 1st 7 Reps: go from the bottom of the movement up to the half way point (arms stop at 90 degrees and hands at elbow level).

2- 2nd 7 Reps: go from the halfway point up to the top of the bicep curl (hands near shoulder level).

3- 3rd 7 Reps: start at the bottom of the movement and complete a full range of movement all the way up (a full bicep curl with no stopping at halfway).  

That is one set and how you do a 21s.