Thursday, October 2, 2014

Burn Booty Burn #fithappensworkouts

Ok ladies, there is really nothing to this exercise!  This is targeting the lower body.  Mainly those Glutes.

**Get a rope attachment and hook it to the cable machine about half way down.  Stick the pin in the weight stack at 100+ pounds -OR less if you need too, but I promise you can!  Grab onto the rope and walk yourself back keeping your weight in your heels, arms straight out in front of you and lean slightly back (this is key to not falling forward)….resist yourself against the weight to keep you back there.

Squat down as low as you can staying in your heels, slightly leaning back (so you don't fall forward) and keeping your arms straight in front of you the entire exercise.  When you stand, up be sure to squeeze that butt, keeping your weight in your heels and lean back.  That's it!

You can really do a lot of these for reps, since it is almost like a body weight squat.  You decide when you have had enough of that burn. #fithappensworkouts #fithappens

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