Sunday, October 5, 2014

Plie Squat with a Plie Squat Jump

Here is another "nothing really to it" exercise.  It just gets the burn burning in all the right places!  It is such a good overall exercise for the lower body and the other PLUS, is that it gets the heart rate up for some cardio and extra calorie burning.

All you do for this one- grab yourself one heavy dumbbell.  At LEAST 30+ Don't be scared to challenge yourself on this one……45, 50, 60+ ( I know some of your kids weigh more than this and you pick them up and some of you probably have some heavy freaking purses, I just know it ;)

Get in a Plie stance: legs wide apart and toes pointed out so you are ready to do a Plie squat.  Grab hold of the DB, squat down, stand up, squat down and let the DB go and then jump up for Plie squat jump.  Then repeat.  All one continuous motion over and over.  Let it burn and when it's burning make yourself do 5 more! Get uncomfortable, that's when the magic happens!


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