Thursday, October 23, 2014

BB Reverse Lunge with 3 Pulses

BB Reverse Lunges with 3 Pulses:

Get yourself a barbell (barbell) weighted or not.  In the video I am using a 60 pound BB.  Get the bar up on your back and begin with feet about shoulder width apart.

Take a large step back.  You want your front leg to be parallel to the floor and front knee at 90 degrees and behind the front toes.  If you feel like you are falling forward better check to make sure your front knee is not going past the front toes.  Take a larger step back behind you if needed. The leg behind you should also be at 90 degrees with your knee pointing toward the floor.  When you are down in the lunge position pulse there for 3 pulses.  Return to standing by pressing the heel of your front foot into the floor and bringing your back leg forward to starting position.

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