Thursday, October 16, 2014


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY to almost 6 years ago.  In the picture on the right, I was a few months along with my second babe and all things fitness were not on my priority list.  I am someone who has to work damn hard at their body.  Staying lean and fit does not just come naturally to me.  Being CONSISTENT and having PATIENCE with a fitness lifestyle is the key to this thing!!!

I chose to compare my #TBT to the most recent picture of myself flexing post workout…..some might say, "Ew, that's too manly/bulky for me!" So I thought I would compare that Flex picture with a non-flexed picture to show you the difference.  AND GUESS WHAT? These two photos were taken in the same week of each other.

This throwback Thursday is for the ladies out there who only save time for cardio and are still on the fence about picking up some weights.  Weight training is where it's at!  Make healthy food choices.  Lift Weights.  Lift Heavy Weights.  Be Consistent about Weights.  Be Patient and let those muscles take up all the room!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Lifting weights WILL NOT make you bulky!  Not staying active while eating too many Cookies, Brownies and too many Nachos will……..  #fithappens #proof  

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