Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I'm posting this to say, obviously I let "fitness" go out the window when I became pregnant and I would be lying if I wasn't embarrassed about doing so and worried to death how I was going to shake off the 65+ pounds I gained each pregnancy but the MAIN reason is to say that many many Tuesdays have passed between each of these photos……almost 5 years worth of Tuesdays, over 200 Tuesdays!  My point is, is that we should never just reach a point in our life and say, "ok, this is it, this is the transformation I wanted to make and where I am going to stop"  If you are at all into fitness you know it can always get better and better and that it is a CONSTANT battle being fought with yourself day in and day out!  I battle with myself Every. Single. Day!  I have looked better than I do right now but I have also looked worse!  It is MY choice what I want to happen between this Tuesday and next Tuesday!  It is that simple.  It's all about making one healthy choice after another.

 I am trying to find a picture of myself I took when I got out of College: 22 years young, heaviest I have ever been (besides weighing 212 lbs on delivery day), pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-addiction to fitness…..It is a beauty ;)  I decided to do something about it and not just accept that it was who I am because it wasn't.  I know me!  And here I am 10 years later still going after it and addicted to health and fitness.  I get to choose every day if I want to remain the same, look worse or look better than I ever have.  I'm not just going to stop here.  Never give up on what could be and never settle for what is in the moment.  ALWAYS expect more out of yourself because YOU and your HAPPINESS are WORTH IT!  

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting always inspiring. Keep up the great work you look amaze!