Thursday, October 23, 2014

BB Side Lunge to Step Ups

First off,  I would like to point out that it is exercises like this one that we ladies must make sure our pants are "squat approved" by doing the bend over check in the dressing room before purchasing ;)

BB Side Lunge to Step Up:

Grab yourself a BB (barbell) weighted or not.  In this video I am using a 40 pound BB.  Pick one leg to start out on and stay on that leg for all 10 reps before switching to the other leg.

Take a big step to your side and lunge toward the floor.  Making sure your lunging leg does not let that knee pass the toes while keeping your other let relatively straight.  Then push off with your lunging foot back to where you started.  Then go right into a bench step up with the lunging leg and you can throw in a 'knee up' at the top of the bench for a little extra core work.

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