Monday, October 27, 2014

Make this happen!

On Thursday, I will be posting a SPOOKY FULL BODY + CARDIO WORKOUT for you to try on Friday to start your HALLOWEEN off on the right foot.  We all know we could probably use a good sweaty workout to start our CANDY Holiday Weekend.

The workout is a Full Body Lifting Circuit which you will only need a variety of Dumbbells to do and that's it (can be done at home too).  Cardio is thrown in throughout the workout.  It will take you about 1 hour- give or take to complete.

So, if you need to take a day off from the weights on Thursday so you feel fresh then do.  We will be hitting every muscle during Friday's Halloween Circuit Workout.  I have tested the workout out for you already and it's a keeper……… BEWARE! ;)      

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