Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Barbell Hip Thrusts and Walking Lunges

Barbell Glute Bridge/Hip Thrusts/ Hump the Air ;)  whatever you wanna call them.  All I know is they get the booty burning!!!  These can also be done with you back on a bench and also with weight plates stacked on your lap.  Sit on a exercise ball with a barbell across your lap….I think this one was 60 lbs.  Roll yourself out until your butt almost touches the ground.  Then thrust up and down trying to touch your butt to the floor each time you go down.  Squeeze your glutes at the top each time.  For me, 20 reps of this sets my buns on fire.  Do for 3-4 rounds.

Walking Lunges with weight over head.  I am holding a 35 lb plate.  You can start with 25 lbs or less if needed.  Especially for your first few tries at this.  It looks easy but it's not.  Take a big step forward, don't let the front knee go past your front toe.  If you feel your knee is always passing the toe then your front step is not big enough.  Keep your shoulders back and chest out.  I do a total of 20 steps.  So each leg gets 10 reps.  

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