Friday, October 24, 2014

Lower Body…..GLUTES

Okay……You should now know how to perform each of these exercises in this lower body workout because I posted videos of all the moves this week (sorry for the post overload).  The video of 'FIREWALKS' can be found a few posts back in the hashtag search:    



I did this exact workout last Friday and it left my glutes sore in the dead center of each cheek. YAY!!!  I'm not going to guarantee you that you will have a sore butt, but I think it's worth a shot right?

I did the first two exercises together like a Superset and then did a round of Firewalks.  Then repeated the first two exercises 2 more times (don't forget the firewalks after each superset too).  I then went on to the last two exercises- Sumo Squats & Reverse Lunges and did them the same way.  Superset the two exercises followed by fire walks and repeat 2 more times. You can go straight down the list if you want and repeat it 2 more times.  I'm just sharing the way I did this workout and it left no area other than my butt/outer thigh super sore.


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