Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What's in my Gym Bag...

- Gym Bag: I got this one at TJ Maxx. It has lots of pockets…… I love lots of pockets for all my stuff

- Resistance Bands:  No I don't use them every workout, but they are nice to have in handy when you feel like doing a round of Fire Walks.  Such a good booty burn!  I got them at Target.

- The Stick: When I give myself time after a workout to stretch THE STICK is awesome for a quick rub down.  Helps get rid of knots and soreness in the muscles.  I got it at a running store.

- Yoga Hand Towels: I do prefer the YOGA ones.  The polyester and nylon material dries in half the time of ordinary towels.  I use them during cardio to wipe off my face and keep sweat from dripping in my eyes.  AND, when I save time at the end of my workouts for the dry sauna having something to wipe you off with in there and when you are done is nice.  I got them at Target.

- Ring of Workouts: I keep a ring of laminated workouts in my bag and use every now and then when I am looking for a cardio workout.  I usually use these on Saturday (my cardio day). It's nice to have lots of different variations of cardio routines to choose from based off how I am feeling.  I do not like to hop on a treadmill and just run.  I have to mix up speeds/inclines etc...  I got the workouts off Pinterest.

- Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor:  I like to know where my heart rate stands but mostly I like to keep an eye on my calorie burn during my workouts.  It helps me to know if I need to kick it up a notch.  I got mine off Amazon.

- Jump Rope:  Just something awesome to have handy.  Jump roping is so good for you.  I don't use it every workout but It's great to have when I feel like throwing in some Active Rest between lift sets.  I got it at Target.

- Ban Refresh Body Cloths:  These are nice when I am driving home from the gym.  To be able to wipe off your neck and face from dried up salt and sweat is very refreshing.  I get these at Target.

- iPod:  Do I even need to explain myself on this one??  and I have back up ear buds in case I lose one.

- 32 oz. Water Bottle:  This is a Contigo Autoseal.  I like these kind of bottles because you just press to sip.  They are super convenient for me when I am out of breath.  There is nothing worse than being out of breath and having to suck your water down!!  Just open your mouth, pour it in and still breathe.  You can find these in 24 oz. bottles at most stores.  I get the 32 oz. Contigo Autoseal off Amazon.

-Alpha Amino:  These are made by Cellucor.  I always drink them in my water bottle during my workouts.  They quench my thirst, keep me hydrated, give me endurance and help my muscles recover.  Great supplement for anyone.  No stimulants!  I get them from and with my code: HALEYA you can get 25% off and Free Shipping.

Since I get to go home after my workouts, my list stops there….. no need for protein shakes, change of clothes, dry shampoo etc…...    

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