Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reverse Lunges on a Smith Machine

Reverse Lunges on the Smith Machine.  The move itself really is not complicated but I tell you what, nothing gets my heart rate up there like this exercise does.  I feel like I am so out of shape after I get done with this one.  But it is a favorite!

Load up your bar with weight plates.  Depending on how I want to feel the next day I use between 25-35 lbs on each side.  I usually do reps of 10-12 on each leg.  Don't let that front knee go past your front toe when you are down in a lunge.  If it is, you need to walk your front leg out there a little bit more.   This helps protect your knee from injury.

The jumps on the bench is an "active rest" exercise.  One of many things I like to do after an exercise that wasn't so breath taking.  Just a chance to shock the body and get your heart rate up.


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