Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My favorite muscle group to train

SHOULDERS my favorite area of the body to train.  Shoulders should be high on your list of areas to sculpt.  Having well developed shoulders will make your whole body look more balanced, more feminine and create an illusion of a smaller waist and smaller hips.  Shock your shoulders into growth this Fall/Winter/Spring so you can rock that new swimsuit next Summer or tank in the gym.

Our shoulders are made up of 3 muscles.  So it's important that you hit the front, side and rear delts.  You want rounded looking shoulders.  If you want to focus on mass and size then use heavier weight with low reps.  If your goal is definition, muscle separation and technique- especially  if you are still trying to get the hang of things go for lighter weight with higher reps.

I usually stick with these basic exercises that I LOVE and most exercises are done with Dumbbells:

- Seated Lateral raises
- Seated Front raises
- Seated shoulder press
( doing exercises seated puts all the work in the muscle being targeted.  Standing allows our legs to give us some help.  Sometimes I stand and sometimes I sit.  Just mix it up).
- Incline reverse flyes
- Rear Delt Cable Pulls
- Upright Rows
- Mountain Climbers
- Jump Rope

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