Wednesday, August 20, 2014


My back to school haul came in the mail! My fast easy breakfast: WHEY protein shake (Mint Choc. Chip and S'mores) and it is my post workout meal number one. I add fruit and spinach to my shakes as well.  This allows me to sip on it or take it with me when doing the morning school rush.

NEON SPORT: VOLT pre-workout.  AMAZING stuff.  Has such a different feel than C4.  I really have been liking this pre-workout.   I find myself having more energy with no afternoon crash.  It lets me down softly!! This is not found on the Cellucor site but you can call in and order through Cellucor over the phone 866.927.9686 my discount still works.

Double the ALPHA AMINOS because I have to share this with my husband, he LOVES this stuff.  AMINOS keep me hydrated during my workouts which is why my husband prefers this drink over Gatorade...Same concept without all the sugars, carbs and other junk.  It also gives me endurance and aids in my muscles durning my workouts.

BCAAs because I don't like staying sore too long so I am ready for another workout the next day This also helps me when I train on a fasted state. I wake up early and would rather get more sleep than wake up to eat and let it digest. I wake too early as is.  I have always trained this way and never get nauseous training on empty.  I still get results when I train fasted.  Everyone is different and has their own methods and beliefs.

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