Thursday, January 29, 2015


Some cute finds...... Bet you were thinking LuLuLemon??! Nope, FOREVER 21 ladies :)

The fabric of these shirts are identical to my FAVORITE Lulu tank the, RUN: Swiftly Tech Tank.  AND another bonus is that I could have bought 3 of these $15 long sleeves for the price of 1 Lulu Tech Tank ($48).  I do LOVE LuluLemon but my Mountain America doesn't!

These tops even have a hidden 'Motivation' message sewn on the inside like LuluLemon likes to put in theirs!  I also loved the thumbholes with the extra shirt coverage on my hands……great for weight-lifting and everyday here and theres.  Forever21 had similar racerback tanks to these long sleeves but they fit a little short on me…..I'm kinda lurpy up top!

Every once in while Forever 21 gets in cute, fun and affordable active apparel.  Just thought I would pass this along in case anyone was looking for workout clothes.

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