Friday, January 23, 2015

Post Workout Meal

Post Workout Meal:  Should be eaten ASAP and should always contain 2 things, PROTEIN and CARBS.  It needs to not contain 1 thing, FAT.  Yes, I know fat is not a bad thing when it's the "good" fat and very important to our diets.  There is just one very important time that fat, good or bad, wouldn't be ideal to eat and that is POST WORKOUT.  Fat slows down digestion!  You do not want your proteins and carbs being slowly digested post workout.

PROTEIN!!!  Whey is best since it is the fastest absorbing protein and is mostly served in liquid form.  Solid protein foods like chicken, fish, eggs etc., which I eat daily, are not ideal after your workout.  Protein in solid foods digests pretty slowly and your body needs that protein faster than that!  But since we are here, Chicken will have to do.

CARBS!!!  If you don't give your worked muscles carbs your body may actually instead break down muscle tissue.  AND, Carbs help move nutrients into your muscle tissue quicker.  You want the kind of carbs we try and avoid any other time in the day.  The kind that doesn't provide fiber and other nutrients found in brown rice, wheat bread, oatmeal etc., because these are slow digesting, which is why they are great any other time of the day.  You want High Glycemic Carbs that go in your system right away.  White Rice, bagels, white potatoes, corn flakes, rice cakes etc.

I cannot stress enough the importance of FUELING your body if you are working out.  Our mind-set  should be, "Eat to Train" not "Train to Eat."  PROTEIN.  CARBS.  AND don't forget WATER.  Which in this case,  my lettuce is basically hard water ;)  And not exactly THIS meal but something similar to it.  I had this following a leg workout and those workouts kill me.  I NEED food. 

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