Tuesday, December 23, 2014

X-mAs EvE FuLlBOdY WoRKoUT…Fa la la la la

What are you workout plans tomorrow?  I got you covered if you are looking for a full body workout with weights.  It has been tested and approved by myself and 3 of my friends :) so here you go!

I LOVE a full body throw down before a holiday~  Especially a Holiday like XMAS where it's very chill and relax.  A holiday where you could actually spend the entire day in your PJs and not be judged ;)  FA LA LA LA LA…...

Get cozy at home or hog up a corner in the gym with everything you will need.  If you don't have a jump rope just use an imaginary one- call her "Skip."  This workout also requires a clock near by or the timer on your phone.  In each circuit, you do each exercise for 45-seconds.  Use the remaining 15 seconds to get ready for the next exercise.  So at the top of the minute, you begin the next move.

Do each LIFTING circuit 3x.
Then just follow the arrows to what's next!

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