Sunday, December 7, 2014


It's that time again to win "ONE FOR ME AND ONE FOR @ ________." All you need to do is in the comments below say "one for me and one for @ _______"  -and tag a friend and you are in it to WIN it!  You can tag more friends each in their own separate comment

You will EACH receive:            

-A headband from @islagraceandco which these have the "no-slip" grip sewn in

-My favorite Maybelline BABY LIPS, "CHERRY ME" gives some moisture and the perfect tint of red

-YESto wipes in Grapefruit.  These I LOVE!  Correct & Repair cleansing, exfoliating and brightening for the face.  Perfect for wiping off makeup.  I keep these in my gym bag and use after a workout.  I get them at Target

-Psssssst! the TRUE original Instant Dry Shampoo.  Coming from a girl who blow dries a lot of sweat, and uses a lot of dry shampoo, this hasn't let me down.  Absorbs excess oils, refreshes, revives and builds volume on the go.  It's nothing fancy but it does the job.  I get it at Walgreens for $6

and a whole bunch of Cellucor Supplements
-Protein Powder (mint chocolate chip or red velvet)
- C4 Pre-Workout
-Super HD Capsules
-Alpha Aminos
and NO3 Chrome Pump Optimizer

WOO HOO!!! It will be like an early X-MAS present of things I know you will just LOOOVE--  From me, to you and your friend. XO

***For an extra chance at being selected, you can repost this photo on your IG and tag me @haleya_fit_happens in the post so I can be sure to give credit where due

Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 10th

This is an INSTAGRAM ONLY giveaway.  Head on over to:
to enter! 

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