Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 3 supplements……#2

Number 2 on my list for supplements I think everyone should take.


Yes, fish oil.  Kind of boring I know.  But fish oil contains vital omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA).  DHA is responsible for the development of the brain and EPA reduces inflammation.

I believe a large majority of people suffer from some sort of LOW LEVEL chronic inflammation on a day to day basis.  Whether it be in your back, neck, knee, ankle etc.,   Omega 3s are a great anti-inflammatory agent.  Fish oil is also very awesome in that it can help with delayed onset muscle soreness that I hate….. You know that soreness that creeps up on you a day or two after you have done something strenuous.  And since Omega 3s from fish oils are essential and our bodies can not make them, we must get it through diet or supplementation. 

Here are 8 benefits of Fish Oil and how they can alter body composition and help better training efforts:

-reduces blood pressure and inflammation 

-decrease fat storage in fat cells

-improve brain function

-turns on the fat burning genes

-turns off the fat storing genes

-improve your cholesterol

-great stress hormone fighter

-can lower your chances of cancer and heart disease

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