Monday, December 22, 2014

This supplement I can't live without

Two weeks ago I did a few posts on the top 3 supplements I think everyone should be taking.  Supplements that are very beneficial to an active person who are engaging their bodies and muscles that could benefit from taking these certain supps.

This post is about a supplement that is totally optional, but it is something I can not live without

ALPHA AMINOS made by Cellucor

Not even sure where to begin about this stuff….I am convinced they are magic!  I have always loved my BCAAs and always will.  I still drink them post workouts and supplement with BCAAs before any fasted cardio to protect muscle loss.  One scoop of ALPHA AMINOS (which are stimulant free) goes in my water bottle that I drink throughout my run/workouts.  My endurance, the flavor and most of all- I DO NOT GET DEHYDRATED!!  They compare to a Gatorade but without all the sugars and carbs and a ton of nutrients and minerals

This stuff is naturally powered by chia seeds and raw coconut.  This supplement is a premium BCAA blend-3x leucine and 11additional amino acids to promote muscular endurance and recovery.  Also contains several minerals and nutrients such as omega 3s, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fiber….just to name a few.  This stuff is for everyone!  Yes, even my kids like this especially on hot summer days.  And my 10 year old nephew drinks it during his baseball/football games 

As always you will get 25% off plus FREE  shipping when you don't checkout as guest on any cellucor product with my code HALEYA.

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