Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My TOP 3 Supplements…. #1

I was asked to write a post on the TOP 3 supplements that I think everyone should use.  If you run, lift weights, do yoga, zumba, cross fit……whatever your heart desires, I believe these products are essential to your athletic performance!
(all my personal opinion)

#1- BCAAs

These are simply Branch Chained Amino Acids.  Which are essential nutrients that the body needs.    These are very important to help your muscles recover faster.  Increase endurance.  Prevents your muscle from breaking down.  Reduce soreness.  Cellucor BCAAs are stimulant free.  I know this can be of importance to some people who wish to avoid caffeine and such.  You may feel a little tingle due to the Beta Alanine (which is also an amino acid) that are in some BCAA products like Cellucor.  Beta Alanine prevents lactic acid from accumulating too quickly in your muscles. 

You can find BCAAs already in other supplement products such as Whey Protein powder.  But these BCAAs are bound to other amino acids which require digestion and time to be absorbed into the blood stream.  It's just not enough and NOT the same as BCAAs in its own supplement form.  BCAAs in its own free-form require no digestion and are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.

Cellucor makes my favorite BCAA.  Watermelon is my favorite flavor.  

Next supplement you should be taking is coming soon!

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