Tuesday, November 25, 2014


GOBLET SQUATS:  Great exercise for beginner squatters.  I especially love it for teaching resistance against forward collapse.  Lots of different variations to this move.  But I do mine this way every time

You can use a Kettlebell holding it by the horns….or holding a DB (DBs are easier for me to hold) like so in my hands and close to my body, THEN I squat down loooow and I get my body and feet situated while I am down there making sure my elbows hit the insides of my knees.  To make that happen, your feet need to be a slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly out.  Once you got the position down, you are set.  Keeping it light in your toes and all the weight in your heels, push up in your heels and that's it.  Squat back down with a goal to have your elbows touch your inner legs

You can keep the DB light to start and work your way up once you feel you've got it down.   In this video I am holding a 50lb Dumbbell.  My reps are 10-12

P.S. You do not want your chest to fall forward or your back to round.  And if you find your heels coming off the ground during the squat that means your stance is still too narrow. 

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