Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Goodness of Full Body Workouts

I love throwing in a full body workout from time to time.  They can be very challenging and definitely test your mental toughness.  I LOVE FBW because they maximize calorie burn and fat loss.

A FBW is it's a great tool to keep your body guessing.  Those biceps might have thought they were off the hook for the rest of the week since you just trained them a few days ago but then you do a FBW and they don't know what to think is coming next.  It's nice to catch your muscles off guard sometimes.

FBW are also great because it can give your muscles a little break.  That sounds weird right?  Normally when you train a muscle you do more than just a couple exercises.  Maybe 4-6 exercises.  That is a lot of work for one muscle to do.  During a FBW you can expect to hit your muscles with 1-2 exercises and that is usually it.  Especially if you are short on time.  And if you are someone who can only get to the gym 2-3 times a week, full body workouts can really be used to your advantage.

Have you ever completed a FBW that rocked your world and left you wondering how in the heck you were going to get out to your car??  My 4th of July FBW post this year does exactly that for me.  Every. Single. Time.  Try a FBW this week!  I have posted several and I have a new one coming your way soon.  

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