Sunday, November 16, 2014

Run YOUR day

Here I am on a Sunday night already trying to show Monday who's boss!!!  

I believe in this so much.  If the day runs us, then we are at the mercy of anything that pops up…traffic jams, flat tire, a sick kid, realizing you run out of milk etc.  These things can throw us off but it's all about how we choose to handle these things that can run us off track.  You can still run the day with "things" popping up.  It's called:


Don't start pouting and give up.  

Have a plan.  Here I am planning a workout WILL happen.  Then I will get my kids off to school. Run a few errands.  Pick up my pre-schooler.  Lunch time.  Organize and de-junk freaking toys to make room for more since X-mas is just around the corner (seriously, can you even believe it?!?!!!)  

RUN the day don't let the day run you!

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