Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cardio +ABS

Who could use a good ol' fashion SWEAT it OUT Cardio with some AB work after that candy holiday weekend?!  Grab yourself a mat and get cozy near a treadmill.  Complete each circuit 3x.  Then move on to the next circuit.

I am actually feeling pretty good about myself and the choices I made over the weekend.  FOR SURE I had some candy, it was HALLOWEEN!!!!  Halloween is a holiday……..a CANDY holiday, so I ate a dang piece of candy!  In my opinion, ALL holidays should be enjoyed.  My goodness, they come around once a year!

Kick some butt and takes names all year long and ENJOY yourself a little when the time is right.  I am happy to live a life that when Thanksgiving rolls around I can enjoy it and not beat myself up about what I am not going to eat and in the mean time I have food on the brain 24/7.  I am 100% positive that on Thanksgiving I will eat a fresh warm yummy roll and of course pumpkin pie (my favorite) and then some.  Who knows what I will eat on Christmas and what dipSSSS I will be dipping my chips in on New Years.  But you better believe I will be enjoying it and enjoying these occasions with my family and friends.

I eat as healthy as I can as often as I can but I know how important it is to just freaking eat food sometimes! 

First of all before I get hated and unfollowed etc…… I promise, I DO understand people have goals and are currently doing things in their life for purposes.  I UNDERSTAND people know themselves to know what is best for them!  If it's not broken then don't fix it right?!  But seriously, I was so shocked to see so many people restricting themselves to even ONE piece of candy on Halloween!  If you believe that one bite size candy is going to add 5 pounds the second you swallow it then I hope you don't believe that one workout will make you look like a fitness model.

If you have to restrict yourself because of not being able to control what comes next then that should be a red flag to you.  Maybe those guilty moments of what happens when you give in to one piece of candy happen because you don't allow yourself to give in enough……???  Now, if you are restricting yourself because of a goal or challenge you are doing then I get it.  But if you are just an average Joe like me, just living life, then learn to use food for fueling your body and eat things that are not "healthy" in moderation when the time is appropriate.  Be happy.

I have been in those shoes of restricting myself and guess what?!  I am sure I made up for all those times I said no to this and said no to that.  I made up for it because I restricted myself and I made up for it because I FELT DEPRIVED!  I would restrict myself too often that when a time came that I said, "ok, just one or two" and it turned into 28 and 5 other things on top of what I started with.  It turns into a 'Last Supper' over-eating situation and overwhelming guilt.  I have been in those shoes many MANY many times!

I have spent many years being too aggressive with cutting calories and I ended up causing more harm than good.  I may have been leaner and skinnier then but I was NOT happy.  I'm learning to eat more food and I have been seeing slower but more sustainable weight loss.  I swear by- EAT MORE TO LOSE MORE!  You can include your favorite foods in your diet and still reach your goals.  All things in moderation.

I have been learning to live without restrictions.  I eat as healthy as I can as often as I can but I know how important it is to just be normal and enjoy food sometimes, no guilt attached.  Not restricting myself over dumb things is allowing myself to slowly but surely reach this point of healthy in my relationship with food.  It is true that many many diets fail and do you know why???  Because we live thinking we can eat only chicken, lettuce, fish, turkey, lean meats but never realize we can also have a bagel, muffin, or toast.  And If we really wanted a cookie, we can have one (not five).   I can have a couple pieces of candy on Halloween and stop it there because I don't feel restricted.  I don't feel that I need to eat 13 pieces because I am unsure of when the next time I will get another treat.

Just learn to love yourself and enjoy moments that are meant to be enjoyed and move on.  Move on happy and LIVING a life!!!  Just LIVE…..don't live deprived.

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