Monday, November 17, 2014

Plie Squat


There are many different ways to do this exercise.  (Like a previous video I posted, I used a heavy DB and squatted down looooooow to target more of my glutes)  This day I wanted to target more of my inner thighs so I stood more up right and tall.

You will position your heels on two plates.  I like the 25lb plates because of their thickness.  I'm holding a 35lb plate.  You could also hold a heavy DB.  Put your heels on the plates with your toes pointing out.  Stay tall and squat down and up.  *REMEMBER- your knees should always go in the direction of your toes.

Follow this exercise with something active.  Here I am doing a step up on a bench keeping one leg on the bench at all times making it more of a lunge step up.  Don't forget the other leg.

I am also doing a step up with a curtsy.  Keeping one leg on the bench at all times, step up and on your way back down do a curtsy to each side.  Don't forget the other leg! 

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