Sunday, November 23, 2014

500 Calorie Burn Challenge

Back in May I set a goal to wear my Polar Watch to every workout for the entire week and burn at least 500+ calories each workout.  Total burn for the week = 3,533!  I said it will be definitely something I do again.  It was very motivating and fun to push myself.

Thanksgiving is this week and what a great week to do the 500 calorie challenge!  Which means I have committed to workouts on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday…(Shopping burns calories right? So it totally counts ;))    

Join in on this challenge with me!  I picked 500 calories because I know I had a good workout when I burn 500+.  Remember height, weight, and your current condition affect this number.  Someone shorter than me, lighter than me etc, will have a different burn.  Maybe a 300-400 burn is your challenge.  You know what a great calorie burn is for you, REACH IT!!  If you don't have a heart rate monitor, put it on your XMAS list.  For the challenge, those without a monitor be sure to push yourself more than you normally would in a workout.  Make this week really count

***Did you know according to studies, the average Thanksgiving dinner can carry around 3,000+  calories?!  That is with turkey and all the trimmings.  That is equal to: 12 Turkey sandwiches, 15 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, 29 Reeses PB cups,  15 KIND bars, 17 servings of Guac, 11 Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks, or 18 Tacos from Taco Bell…..Who's Hungry?

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