Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Super HD- MY LOVE!!!!

Super HD powder, my love!!  Tastes so delicious, mixes with water (strawberry lemonade is my favorite) HD boosts metabolism, increases energy & focus, and plays tricks on my appetite!  I think @cellucor really needs to add "Makes moms really really happy" to the list- I'm not kidding

I am currently off SuperHD at this time and boy do I miss it.  But as instructions state to take for 8 weeks and discontinue use for a minimum of 4 weeks.  However, when I do take HD, I take it very minimally but it still does the job.  I don't take HD every day like it says and I do not take it 2-3x per day like it says you can do.  I take one scoop for my boost in the mornings to get me going before a workout about every other day.  I always take HD on my straight cardio days because it makes my core temperature rise and I get nice a sweaty

I love this stuff to get me off and going come the New Year.  And then I love to supplement again with it come Summer when I am hitting my workouts harder

Get some at and at checkout you can use code: HALEYA for 25% off and not checking out as a guest will get your shipping FREE.

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