Monday, November 24, 2014

BUTT-OLOGY on the Cable Machine

BUTT-OLOGY on the Cable Machine:

If you have access to an ankle strap, that is a better option.  But when your gym has none you make whatever work.  I am using a single grip handle or the nylon single grip works too.

The first exercise is a basic cable glute kickback.  Place your shoe inside the attachment.  Facing the weight stack and standing a few few back hold on to the machine for support.  Kick the working leg back reaching a height behind you that is comfortable.  You can keep your leg entirely straight during the whole move or a little bend in the knee as I am doing.  I do 15-20 reps on each leg.

The second exercise is a standing side leg raise.  Works the glutes, at the back of your hips and abductors, at the outside of your thigh.  I am tapping my toe behind me and lifting my leg back and away as opposed to a traditional side raise that is done directly to your side.  Target more BUTT.  15-20 reps on each leg should have you burn in'  

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