Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Benefits of Jumping Rope

There are so many awesome benefits of jump roping.  I have been adding a little jump rope here and there into my workouts for a year now (this video is almost a year old) and I can tell a difference now in the firmness of my legs (less jiggle) versus looking at them in this video…..maybe it's just those pants?!?  Not the most flattering….

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I carry a jump rope in my gym bag and whip it out a couple times a week to throw in with my workouts and I think it's paying off


--- AWESOME for your cardiovascular system.  Your heart LOVES it

--- Working muscles in your legs and engages your core at the same time

--- It can be a lower impact activity compared to jogging if done correctly (stay high on your toes)

--- UPPER BODY is being worked too.  I know that when I jump rope, my shoulders get set on fire
--- So basically, it is a GREAT full body workout

and it's an inexpensive investment that you can take with you almost anywhere and use anywhere.  I got my jump rope at Target for under $10.  Burn lots of calories while having fun!! 

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