Saturday, November 1, 2014

Spooky Halloween Circuit Recap

Spooky Halloween Circuit Recap:


So this went down Halloween morning in the corner of Golds Gym.  Yes, I usually workout in the same corner when I am doing a workout that requires a lot dumbbells.  I think most people are starting to figure out that when I am in the corner that yes, I AM USING ALL OF THESE DUMBBELLS AT MY FEET…..sorry!

All three of us started our watches at the same time to see what the outcome would be.  I would say that this is a pretty good burn for a 1 hour lifting workout.  The video is of the 5 cardio burst exercises throughout the workout.  It was SPOOKTACULAR……. I felt accomplished when all was said and done!

Did anyone try this workout or planning to give it a go in the future?   

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