Sunday, February 8, 2015


Since February is National Heart Month AND Valentines Day is Saturday, I can't think of a better time to show yourself some love!  Give a little extra  to your heart health this week.  Lets make healthy choices and work up a good sweat each day.

I'm going to help you get your heart pumping.  I will provide you 3 lifting workouts this week.  So if you can save a day in your routine for a Back Workout, a day for Glutes and save Friday for a fun Full Body workout that you get to customize to your liking, then I've got you covered.

Your workout split could look something like this:

Monday (push day)- Shoulders, Triceps, Chest

Tuesday- Back > I will post it

Wednesday- Glutes > I will post it

Thursday (pull day)- Biceps & Abs

Friday- Full Body > I will post it

Saturday- Cardio & Abs 


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