Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lunch in less than 8 minutes

Lunch in less than 8 Minutes:

PROTEIN: Chicken & Apple Sausage (Costco) -heat coconut oil and brown sausage (more like blacken, I like my food crispy…..crispy tots, crispy edges on my pancakes, crispy veggies, crispy bacon.

CARB: Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic (Costco) -tear open package about an inch.  Microwave 60 seconds.  Serves two.

VEGGIES: Suja Essentials - 'MIGHTY GREENS' (Target) -Awesome to keep on hand when veggies run out in the fridge.  This juice is cold pressed and it's AFFORDABLE!  Perfect for when you want a good dose of some greens!  I haven't tried any of the other Suja drinks because some of the sugar contents scare me away.  I have seen some with as much as 40g.  This one contains 19g.

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