Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glute Kickbacks and Barbell Glute Bridge

This video relates to the Leg Workout I posted this morning.  AND FYI- most of my videos are sped up so I am able to show more reps in the 15 seconds I am allowed.

Glute Kickbacks on the Lying Leg Curl Machine:

Get down on all fours.  Place one foot against the pad.  Using more of your heel for the push.  Push the pad up until your leg is fully extended.  Lower the pad back down trying not to let the weights touch keeping that constant isolation in your glutes.  15 on each side.

Barbell Glute Bridge on Bosu Ball:

Place a barbell across your upper legs/pelvis region.  I am using a 50lb bar.  You can use a pad or sweatshirt for comfort but if you get the bar in the right spot there is no discomfort.  Using a Bosu Ball (is optional, you can lay flat on the floor) place your upper back on the ball.  Lower back is on the ground.  Holding the bar still, raise your hips up off the ground as far as possible and hold yourself for a brief moment at full extension.  Then lower the bar back down to starting position.  

***KEEP ON YOUR HEELS***  Staying on your heels will support your weight and get the buns burning. 

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