Sunday, February 15, 2015

Focus on Health

Would you believe that I weigh in the 150s?  I say 50's because HONESTLY I do not know!  I just know I weigh in that range.  I always have.  There could be a chance I even weigh in the 160s!?!  I really don't care or care to know.  I know some women out there that would probably panic if they weighed in the 150s…..EVER!  And I realize there are women who would give anything to be in the 150s!  It's so sad that a number can impact us so much as to how we feel about ourselves.  Whatever happened to just getting fit, eating healthy and letting the weight take care of itself……. or not?!

I use to weigh myself up until about 7+ years ago and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I would step off that scale discouraged!  I began to realize that no matter how good of shape I was in or how healthy I was eating, THAT is where my body wanted my weight to be.

I did fight it once….I fought my butt off to get out of that weight range but I had to take some drastic measures to get there.  I was finally happy with a stupid number but wasn't happy with all the ridiculous efforts it was taking and wasn't happy on the inside.  So I said screw the scale.  A number is NOT worth determining how I feel and just started living to be fit.

Now I feel strong and confident.  I eat as healthy as I want to.  I love working out and feel that I could power through anything physical that were put in front of me.  I am happy to be in good heart/physical shape and that is what will matter in the end, not a number! 

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