Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Miles on miles on miles

Need some cardio excitement in the gym? Try this mile, on mile, on mile, on mile workout: all you do and in no particular order go for 1 mile at whatever your goals/pace is on a cardio machine and move on to the next. You can make this a 3 mile challenge (pick 3 machines) or a 5+ mile challenge (pick 5 machines) and if needed, you can repeat a machine along the way.

✅ treadmill 1-mile
 ✅ stair master 1-mile
 ✅ bike 1-mile (a bike mile goes by fast, you may want to make it 2 miles)
 ✅elliptical 1-mile
 ✅treadmill 1-mile. 
✔️DONE and you didn't even know it 

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