Monday, June 30, 2014

One for YOU, and one for @__________ .

This is an INSTAGRAM ONLY giveaway.  Head on over to:
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To start off your 4th of July festivities, I am giving away 1-30 serving Grape Alpha Amino for YOU and 1-15 serving Lemon Lime Alpha Amino to your FRIEND! How to enter is easy- in the comments below, say "one for me and one for @ _________ " and tag one of your friends Whoever is picked will each have their box of goodies mailed to them........Alpha Aminos AND a handful of samples: the new Cellucor Neon Sport VOLTPre-workout in 2 yummy flavors (another female friendly pre-workout that does not contain creatine), Neon sport BCAAs, Strawberry Margarita C4 pre-workout and SuperHD thermogenic fat burner samples. ⭐️ you can tag as many friends as you want to win ⚠️but keep them each in their own separate comment for easy picking on my part. Your friends can tag you back, which will also give you a 2nd entry and then they may tag their friends that may want to enter! All I ask is you and your friends are followers of me @haleya_fit_happens and that you live in the USA for shipping purposes. Winners will be selected and announced ⏰Friday the 4th of JULY. 

If you want to learn more about Cellucor Alpha Aminos I have a done posts back in my feed all about them, also you can visit to read up on them. ❤️They are my FAVORITE supplement EVER!!! No stimulants, no sugar, keeps me hydrated during workouts, helps my muscles recover faster, helps with endurance GREAT for runners, bikers, hikers, lifters, grandmas, kids..... I can't get enough of them! I describe them to people as a Gatorade x1000. Chia seed extract/raw coconut water...just to name a couple ingredients in this hydration formula. You WILL NOT be let down. 

As always you can get any Cellucor supplement with my discount code:HALEYA -for 20% off and FREE shipping anytime! 


  1. Cellucor alpha amino( took my performance to the whole new level.. I feel energized and active throughout the day ..