Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm In LOVE!!!

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!?!

I have never been more in love over shoes before!  Back in the day when I was a picky teenager and looks mattered like, OH MY GOSH….. I would go for the shoes that were the cutest and even buy shoes that barely fit me cause it was "cute" to have little looking feet.  GAAAAG!!!  
When I got over myself and stopped caring about what other people think, I started to buy shoes that were meant for my feet and comfort.  That meant even learning to buy shoes 1/2 to full size bigger than your regular shoe size for running.  So if the most comfy shoe and shoe that was good for my feet and running style were the ugliest ones, oh well….They became mine.  Brooks really doesn't make a very ugly shoe.  My least favorite ones were the Ghost 3s.  Not the cutest shoes on the shelf but they fit for my feet.  
Now these Ghost 7s, I lucked out and got the best of both worlds!!!  The hot pink and orange and hints of yellow are such a cute combo, I am dying!!  


I must share that my sweet hubby totally surprised me this morning with these babies!!!  I think I trained him well to never ever ever get me flowers, jewelry, cards….etc.  This is more like it.  These are the newest Brooks from the Ghost line.  Ghost 7's
I am so EXCITED to go running tomorrow!

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