Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supplements I Am Currently Taking

Supplements I am currently taking: 

✔️Cellucor *SUPER HD powder. I take this 3x a week as my pre-workout (it is a stimulant/thermogenic) on non-lifting days. It's in powder so you can control the dosage vs a pill. Everyone reacts different to HD so being able to half the scoop or make it a big heaping one is your call. It mixes with water. It is delicious!

✔️Cellucor *ALPHA AMINOS- is powder and mixes with water. I take a scoop daily and drink it during my workouts and it too is deeeelicious! 

✔️ *GARCINIA CAMBOGIA- is a plant. The skin of the plant contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the substance that produces weight loss effects. I call it my "veggie pill" It is stimulant free. I take 1 capsule 3x a day, 30 mins before my biggest meals of the day. I got the kind I am taking now at Costco. Can be found at all health food stores. 

✔️*APPLE CIDER VINEGAR- I take 2 TBS everyday mixed in with my water and Alpha Aminos. I call it my morning cocktail🍹 I drink it during my workout. 

✔️CELLUCOR *NO EXTREME- I take this 3 days a week for pre-workout on lifting days. 1 scoop first thing when I wake up so it has taken effect by the time I start my workout at the gym. It is creatine free and sugar free. 

✔️CELLUCOR *BCAAs- I take this 3 days a week on lifting days. I mix half a scoop with my "🍹morning cocktail" and drink during my workout. If my muscles feel like they are getting sore as the day goes on from my workout, I will take another scoop later in the day and sip on it. 

✔️CELLUCOR *Whey Protein Powder- I take this daily. Post workout shakes/pancakes/waffles. I may take another scoop for a meal in the same day. I usually add spinach, fruit, egg whites, oats depending on what the powder is being used for. 

✔️*MULTIVITAMIN/MINERAL- I take 1 tablet 1x a day with food. I take for immune system, bone health, muscle and nerve function etc. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*FISH OIL- I take 1 soft gel 3x a day to get the recommended 3 grams a day. I take it with a full glass of water after my biggest meals. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*BIOTIN- I take soft gel 1x per day with a meal. For hair, skin, nails. I get it at Costco. 

✔️*5-HTP- I take one tablet 1x per day with food. Promotes calm and relaxed mood. I get it at Costco. 

✔️CELLUCOR *CLK- I take this 3 days a week on my SUPER HD days. They stack great together. I take 1 raspberry soft gel 3x a day with my biggest meals. It is non-stimulant. 

⁉️ Supplements HELP and AID you in a fitness lifestyle. I get results FASTER and I am happy when I take these supps. If you want to know why I take or what one of these supplements do, ask in comments…..

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