Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ab Workout in Under 10:00

This should take you less than TEN minute to complete.  Just have yourself a timer and you're set.

I have also shown all exercises under the hashtag-- #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on INSTAGRAM

And here is a little AB info that I wanted to share:

ABS ARE JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MUSCLE IN OUR BODY!  Would you train your biceps good and hard and then train them again the next day and the next? NO.  Your abs also need time to recover.  Training them constantly leaves them overworked and prevents results from happening.
Compound Exercises like: deadlifts, squats, walking lunges engage your core.  So don't forget to include them in your workouts.
Save your ab training for the end of your workout.  Your abs play a role in everything you do in the gym.  So tiring them out before you squat or deadlift puts you at risk for injury.
Diet is crucial to visible abs. Get your diet in check and lower your body fat.  Your abs are there, but you have to eat the right things to let them shine through.  Thousands of sit-ups is not how you do it.
Training your abs Post Workout 2-3 times per week is ideal.

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