Friday, July 3, 2015

the FIRECRACKER Full Body Workout

the 'FIRECRACKER' Full Body Workout

All exercises are done with your choice of reps being 10-12.  You choose your 1- minute Active Rest ( jump rope, jumping jacks, high knee run, plank jacks, run on a treadmill, mtn. climbers, burpees etc. )  Just get your heart rate up there for 1 minute and let it completely come back to a normal state before taking on the next set of exercises.

The goal is to complete at least 2 rounds, shoot for 3 for a little extra sweat.  We did 3 rounds.  Took about 1-Hour.

A video is coming of all new exercises that you will not find under the hashtag>> FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS on Instagram.  The other exercises not shown in the video are there under that hashtag search.  Ask if you can't find them in comments.

This video goes along with the 'FIRECRACKER' Full Body Workout I posted this morning.  I am showing some of the exercises from the workout.  The other exercises in the workout have been posted before under the hashtag #FITHAPPENSWORKOUTS I'm happy to tag you.

Going from Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

DB Squat to Upright Row


Alt. Curtsy Lunge w/ Bicep Curl

Alt. Front Lunge w/ Shoulder Press

DB Plie Squat w/ Hammer Curl

DB Rows

ENJOY the 4th Everyone!! 

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