Saturday, July 25, 2015


BIG Ironman number 50 for @ironcowboyjames is TODAY!  I can't even imagine accomplishing something like this!  50 FULL Ironmans, 50 States, in 50 days…… I'm pumped if I run 26 miles for the whole week.  Can you imagine running 26 miles every single day for FIFTY days straight?! AND, biking and swimming… Just Incredible.

He will wrap up this journey of mental and physical toughness today, right here in Utah with his 50th.  You can come support and cheer him home with the Swim, Bike or the 5K Run.  Even if you don't want to participate in the races, you could at least bring the guy some bandaids and neosporin maybe or  donate some money so he can go get himself a nice pedicure. Wink, Wink...

Swim is happening at Deer Creek Reservoir
Bike is starting at the Riverwoods Shops in Provo
5K Run is at Electric Park- Thanksgiving Point

Get more info on start times for group meet ups at

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