Tuesday, July 21, 2015


DEADlifts: 3 different variations.  FABULOUS exercise for the entire body, especially the glutes.

STIFF LEG DL's-  feet together, slight bend in knee AND back stays FLAT, do not round.  Stick your butt back.

TRADITIONAL DL's- feet shoulder width apart, sit back into a squat like position, keep back flat, keep bar close to legs, drive through your heels AND SQUEEEEZE your buns on standing

SUMO DL's- WIDE stance, toes turned slightly out, arms directly below shoulders inside the legs, keep bar close to legs, push up through your heels AND when you stand SQUEEEEZE your glutes and drive the bar into your hips.

P.S. I am using light weight here to show proper form. #fithappens #fithappensworkouts #deadlifts

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