Friday, May 15, 2015

the 'Get your Intervals on- then take a walk' Treadmill Workout

Here is #sweatysaturday workout number two- Remember all the fabulous benefits of Interval Training I told you about last Friday?! Tomorrow try this one out.  AND- these are MY speeds….make it work to YOUR level.  The time segments are there to guide you.  OR, be a "one-upper" and show me how it's done.

the 'Get Your Intervals On- then take a walk' Treadmill Workout:

3 INTERVALS.  Each interval is 10 mins long.  You will run for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute repeating that cycle for 10 mins.  I recommend putting your incline b/w 0.5% - 2.0% to be more like the outdoors.

Here is the Low down on the INTERVALS-  Interval one will be your slowest run but fastest walk.  As the workout goes on, your intervals will +increase on the run speed and -slow down your walk speed.  Adjust the speeds if needed.

AFTER each 10 minute interval you will 'TAKE A WALK' for 5 minutes.  Starting with the highest incline in the workout of 15% and slowest speed.  As the workout goes on, your 'take a walk' sections will have your incline coming down and your walking speed will go up by 0.5mph 
Adjust the speed if needed.  Goal is no hands.

The total time on this workout is: 45 minutes.

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