Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sweaty Saturday and Protein Pancakes

Good Morning from Mr. PannyCake!  #SWEATYSATURDAY is done and Protein Pancakes with a side of turkey bacon X2 were ate. 

I'll be sharing the pancake recipe soon in the next few days and I know you can't see them but there are CHOCOLATE CHIPS in there…..your kiddos will love them and when they are protein packed they won't be asking for snacks in the next 17 minutes.  Protein keeps us satisfied.

You can see the full version of that "Get Your Intervals On- then take a walk" treadmill workout posted yesterday on my IG page.  It looks kind of scary but honestly it's actually a very mild/low key workout but as you can see it got the job done for me with 562 calories burned in 45 mins.  

And my Mothers Day gift has been the BEST THING EVER!  I love that I am now a wireless music goer!  Snoop Dog and his friends never sounded so good.  

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